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Modern Production Plants

Our facilities in Turkey comprised of 12000 m2 closed and 50000 m2 open area. Our facilities are equipped with the latest Technology and our own quarries are located very close to the factory.
We offer our customers the best quality and the fastest service based on the latest technology and high capacity. We manufacture our products in various finishing surfaces such as honed, filled, unfilled, patinato (brushed), tumbled (antique), chiseled-edge, polished, cross-cut and vain-cut tiles and slaps. We also manufacture pavers, mosaics and mesh mounted tiles.
Our products are also used for kitchens, bathrooms, and swimming pools since they have good resistance to water absorption. We also process patterned sizes such as French pattern ( Versailles pattern), Ashler pattern, Roman pattern etc.
 Block Cutter Machine 4 Max 1750mm. Esmaş
Head Sizing Machine 2 Esmaş
Vacuum Porter 2 Perit
Horizontal Solitting Machine 1 Ozteknik
3+5+1 Calibre+Honing 1 Pedrini
5+1 Polishing 1 Pedrini
Trimming Machine 1 Pedrini
Multi Disc Cross Cutting Machine 1 8 Heads, Pedrini
Sizing Machine 1 2 Heads, Devmak
Filling Machine 1 6 Heads, Demirtas
Edge Chipping Line 1 4 Edges Chipping, Devmak
Vibratory Tumbling Machine 1 AV 1700 Kromas
Owen 1 Promeks
3+5 Calibre + Honig 1 Toksel
Multidisc Sizing Machine 2 Toksel
Horizontal Splitting Machine 1 Toksel
Calibre 1 2 Heads, Toksel
Multidisc Sizing Machine 1 Toya-mer
Vibratory Tumbling Machine 1 Kocvib
Lift 2 3 Tons, Komatsu
Gangsaw 70 Lama 1 Denmak
80 Wires Gangsaw 2 BM
Bridge Saw Machine 2 Özmaksan
12 Head Polished Line 1 Denmak
Cut to size Bewelled 1 Breton
Epoxy Line 1
Products are usually placed in wooden crates and supported by Styrofoam material. Alternatively, they are placed in white Styrofoam boxes before putting in wooden crates. We can also provide special cartoon boxes with your firm's logo and bar code. Also, other packing types may also be possible according to requests.